How big is your footprint?

You’ve heard it all: Save a tree. Save energy. Decrease greenhouse gases. Sustain the environment. Yes, it’s the right thing to do but you also have a business to run. Let the experts at RecycleWorks show you how a simple recycling program can enable you to do your part without breaking the bank.

Who uses RecycleWorks?
o Office buildings and building management companies
o Small businesses and large corporate accounts
o Industrial and commercial customers with office or manufacturing waste

Is it really worth it?
o The cost of recycling can be offset by reduced disposal fees
o Paper alone comprises over 40% of all solid waste
o A 15-person office can generate 2.5 tons of paper waste a year
o Employees and customers admire responsible businesses

For some companies, recycling programs have a measurable return on investment. For others, the investment in a recycling program has more of an impact on employee morale and brand perception in the marketplace. Companies that take a leading role in creating recycling programs are seen as innovators and caretakers of the environment.

Take the first, green step.
Call today for a free consultation and see just how convenient and affordable a business recycling program can be.

What are you waiting for? You look good in green.